Miyerkules, Enero 23, 2013

Freshman Masculine Wash?

 Females have many skin care products in their stash and all has its different purposes and mainly each body part has a skin care regimen. And one product that I think that all girls need to have to hygienic purposes is feminine wash. But why don't we see masculine wash? I don't know any masculine wash until now.

When I was passing by the isle in the grocery in SM Valenzuela, I saw this between the Feminine washes, Freshman Masculine Wash. I was laughing inside me to see this but in deeper thought, why not?

Freshman Masculine Wash cames in two variant; one is in freeze and the other is just a regular one.

I think this product need a lot more attention of the guys, because guys don't pay attention to hygiene unlike the ladies who are very strict with it.

Gone are the days of soap for a man's intimate area! Be a responsible man and take the initiative. Take charge of your hygiene – be better than clean.
source: Freshman FB

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