Biyernes, Enero 11, 2013

Quezon City General Hospital Instutional Nursing Exam

Yesterday, me and my friend Liezl, my college buddy went to Quezon City General Hospital or QCGH to see the results of Nurse Training Exam last December 2012. We met up at 2 p.m. and it was raining heavily and lucky at that time the traffic is not bumper to bumper. 

The results are posted in a white board right beside the entrance to the hospital. There are total of 117 successful applicants, and i'm so sorry for not capturing the other half of the list. XD

close up

And this are the other list, I think the one who didn't pass the written examination, but I guess the hospital is giving second chance, maybe a second exam.

So, if you are a successful applicant, this are the things you need to remember:

And I see this beside the list of names. My alma mater is currently accepting enrollees for the AHA accredited trainings, and the venue is also in Our Lady of Fatima Valenzuela.

After we check the results, we walk to go to SM North and catch up each other's life. 

Few hours of talking, and talking is not enough if you are having a girl talk! haha

See you soon again Liezl! :)

Congratulations to other Nurses who passed the Exam :)

God Bless to us!

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