Miyerkules, Abril 11, 2012

My Easter Nail :)

This is my Easter Sunday nail. Yay Better late than never :p

I haven't tried doing Nail Art on my Nails. I just paint my nail every now and then with a plain color. 

So when I see a lot of my subscribed Youtube Nail Art Gurus are having their Nail Art Tutorial for the Easter, I think I would love to try it on myself too. :p

So the Bunny is I see the most from Youtube I had my take on my ring finger. :p

And for all the other nails I dive into my imagination and let those brushes take the lead.

It's a little bit messy for the first timer like me so don't bash around and appreciate.

The only tool I use is the CORRECTION FLUID PEN + the Nail polish of my choice.

Ahaha You read it right..I don't have Nail Art Kit, it's just come to my mind that I want to do an Easter nail art..And the correction fluid pen is the only tool that I see that is worth trying to work with.. :p

I just put nail polish remover to the pen whenever I want to change color.. Ahaha.. it's a little bit hard for me (first timer) to do this.. and having only one tool at my hand..ahaha

So there you have it, my Easter Nail Art and my First Nail Art done by me!

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