Miyerkules, Enero 23, 2013

Sassa Active Wear Sale Haul!

"These days almost everyone is getting fit and being active – even if being “active” simply means heading for the mall with friends to hang out, shop or watch a movie. Yet the challenge remains: how does one maintain femininity, style and budget simultaneously when it comes to activewear? 

Sassa Activewear responds to that challenge by conveying the message that femininity and style need not be sacrificed for function. Best of all, despite being of excellent quality, every piece is reasonably priced keeping your budget intact. Whatever it is that you are into; whether leisurely strolling through the mall or sweating it out in the gym, Sassa guarantees you are not only comfortable but fashionable, too!"

Who doesn't know Sassa? I think almost the teens who are active, who swims and love going to beach definitely own at least one pair of Sassa.

So, when I see this on sale I knew I'm gonna grab them. You see Sassa seldom put their products on sale and the quality of their clothes are amazing.

I bought one that is cross in the back and a sando type.

this perfectly fit in my body! and I'm lovin' it!

The original price is 319.75php and it was down to 50% so it's now 179php only! 

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