Martes, Oktubre 11, 2011

EB: Lip Colour Xtreme Shine 712

If you are a kikay what would you like to be given to you as pasalubong? Of
course girly stuff. :) This is an EB: Lip Colour Xtreme Shine in shade number 712. 
(It was slightly use before I remember to take a picture of it.)

Here are some of the pictures:

It came with a plastic gray tube that really looks so cheap at first sight.

The lipstick is almost an inch just like the other regular lipsticks. 

It came with a plastic cap also, you can see there are some red spots in the tube and in the cap because I close it at the wrong way. >_<

You can clearly see the line that I think came from the molder where it was made, I don't like that feeling because I think the lipstick is also a plastic if I see those, it looks more of a toy to me. :p

The lipstick is very light that you think you are holding a lipstick from your little sister's toys :p

At first swatch it was not so pigmented.

Then after several swatch I think it was 4 before I get the real color.
But I warn you if you put so many it will be so red.

It is cheap. it only costs 75php
You can find it anywhere, in malls, in dealers
It is very light that you would think it was just a toy.
It has a very sweet scent and its a plus for me.
It didn't get my lips looks chapped, I think it has a moisturizing effect.

It looks so cheap, but I think its considerable of its price.
The mark of the molder in the lipstick.
You need to swatch 2 or 3 before it became so pigmented.
it didn't last for hours. I think it is was just an hour even though I'm not eating nor drinking.
I don't like the numbering system of the lipsticks, I prefer names.

But over all I'm contented with it, I use it everyday just for to look some color in my lips just 1 swatch or 2 if I'm too lazy applying my matte lipstick.
I scored it 2.5/5.

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