Miyerkules, Abril 11, 2012

The one that got away!

Last Year is my worst year I guess.

Having my preparation for Nurse Licensure for December 2011 makes my life stressful, sleepless and stress, more stress and more stress..ahaha..

You see it will not take you to prepare days only for the Licensure Examination, you need months of preparation for the real battle is coming for you and you need to be prepared with it with full defense, so you will face the exam only once.

So this is my face during November 2011.

Eeew right? Ahaha.. I never had a breakout in my life before not until the year 2011 come into my life.. Ahaha 

Oh it's not my baby, its my first niece Jeanna Cassie :)

My breakout is only in the forehead which is the T-zone. My face is very oily and I think that's the reason why those zits pop up in my face little by little plus the stress, stress, stress..

So after the board exam, those zits is until in my face. I said to myself, I don't want this face, I didn't take vain photos because of those zits..grr..

So when I ask google what is the best home remedy to cure my zits, this is the answer it gave me:

1 Eskinol Pimple Fighting 135ml + Dalacin C + Myra E

I see a lot of websites doing their review about this and all said it was very effective for them.

So I gave it a try.

I  use this mixture from February 5, 2012 until April 5, 2012.

I tone myself once a day at bed time.

And the results are amazing.

I didn't notice the results not unless I compare my photos from those months.

And Yes it is very effective.

I was lucky because I didn't try to use the high end products in the market which I was planning to buy.

Gladly Google lead me to this.

I hope this review will help you. :)

Sassy Cracking Nail Polish

Nails is I think my other fetish. :p

So when I see this babies on the Watson's nail polish rack, OMG Sassy has its own line of cracking nail polish which I guess its 36php or 44php.. Oh I forgot the price sorry.

Yay Cracking Nail Polish was so BOOOOOOM at October-December last 2011 so boo Sassy for just releasing their own line of Cracking Nail polish just now.

But I want to give it a try, Had u tried this babies already?

If yes please do tell me your thoughts about it.


My Easter Nail :)

This is my Easter Sunday nail. Yay Better late than never :p

I haven't tried doing Nail Art on my Nails. I just paint my nail every now and then with a plain color. 

So when I see a lot of my subscribed Youtube Nail Art Gurus are having their Nail Art Tutorial for the Easter, I think I would love to try it on myself too. :p

So the Bunny is I see the most from Youtube I had my take on my ring finger. :p

And for all the other nails I dive into my imagination and let those brushes take the lead.

It's a little bit messy for the first timer like me so don't bash around and appreciate.

The only tool I use is the CORRECTION FLUID PEN + the Nail polish of my choice.

Ahaha You read it right..I don't have Nail Art Kit, it's just come to my mind that I want to do an Easter nail art..And the correction fluid pen is the only tool that I see that is worth trying to work with.. :p

I just put nail polish remover to the pen whenever I want to change color.. Ahaha.. it's a little bit hard for me (first timer) to do this.. and having only one tool at my hand..ahaha

So there you have it, my Easter Nail Art and my First Nail Art done by me!


Blogging world is a very wide open world, you got to meet new friends and learn a lot from your co bloggers. And having your blog turns to its first year would be a lot faster than you think as you are in the Blogging world.

So to celebrate WICKERMOSSher First Year Blog Anniversary she will be having a Blog Giveaway! Hooray! :)

In her Blog Giveaway you could win:
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And lastly a shoes that will fit only for the Queen.

Did I convince you already to join her Giveaway? 

I think I am. *wink*

This giveaway is for Philippines Residents only.
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There you have it. Good luck to US! :)

Miyerkules, Abril 4, 2012

Giveaway: Forestdoll x Giant Vintage Sunglasses Giveaway

Forestdoll is having a thank you giveaway for her readers, for being with her in a year of her blogging existence. Yay so sweet!

Since its summer, and she personally love buying summer glasses she will be giving away two Giant Vintage glasses! Yay isn't those few samples on top image make it reasonable?

Isn't those lovely, ladies? :)

This giveaway is open Internationally.
This giveaway will end on May 3, 2012.
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KikaysiMaria BIG Summer Giveaway!

Whenever I see on my dashboard the entry of KikaysiMaria having GIVEAWAY on the end title I know it will be a huge one. :p

KikaysiMaria together with two other blogger had a sponsored giveaway by the ff.:

Red Jhelli
Style Qtr
RK Manila

OMG, just by seeing those brands it makes me drool. ahaha
I can't say anything but Wow! There will be three winners for this giveaway and even though your not the first, I think all the 3 packages are so awesome. I am dying to have almost all of the brands, especially from Krave, Red Jhelli lenses, Suesh Brush and the Skinsonic ofcourse, those are my peg! Yay!

This giveaway is open to Philippines Residents only.
(but if your living outside Philippines you better gave your acquiatance address from here)
The giveaway will end on April 17, 2012.
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