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Awayuki Himeko 25 followers giveaway!

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Martes, Setyembre 27, 2011

Rainbow Jelly First 50 Followers Giveaway!

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Isn't those so much girly?
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TONY MOLY : Green Tea Mask

I was looking for a cheap but good face mask and one that wouldn't gave me breakouts. So as I was looking at Sm North Edsa Watson's, I see this Tony Moly Green Tea Mask where it is very cheap. Before I buy this product I ask first the Sales Lady if it will give me break outs and she immediately answer no (Oh why did I ask this, of course she will answer no.haha) . So I bought this without hesitant. (It's my first time to use face mask though)

Tony Moly is a sister company of Etude House, I think because it is beside Etude House stall.
Basically at the back is purely korean I didn't understand any of it.

Its very cheap for a face mask where I see other face mask cost 95 php or more.

At the back, you can see the instruction on how to put or whatsoever~ I hope they have their instructions in English though.

I like the cool effect and the tightening feeling in the face, but it give me breakouts :( . I was so disappointed and I wouldn't buy this again. I don't know how to treat my break out now. :(

Lunes, Setyembre 26, 2011


I never knew before that a Base Coat is essential in applying nail polish especially if the nail polish you are using leaves stain heavily in your nail. I was putting nail polish since May up to now non stop because in Nursing it is strictly prohibited to have your nails long and have nail polish on it because it looks so unprofessionally. So before the Board Exam I will paint my nails non stop. :p My nail polish collection is starting to grow i have Bobbie, Caronia, Caress, La Belle, Miss Beauty (mostly drugstore) but most of it are Caronia because it is very cheap, one swipe and the color is very pigmented on your nails.

So when I went to Sm North Edsa, I saw The Face Shop and ask if what is a good base coat.(They have very pretty sales lady there :p) And they gave me this.

The color looks like a Cuticle Remover. But when you use it, it looks like it is a normal plain pink colorless nail polish.

The Plastic Bag, because I only buy one item but it is not an ordinary plastic it is resealable.

Its good that the ingredients are written at the back, so the customers will know if it had a harmful content in it.

I love the style of the lid/cover or whatsoever it is really cute.

I love that all the details are written in the bottle.

I love the product, it is easy to use, it is easy to swipe. I am looking forward to its effect not to stain on my nails. Hopefully it will because I change my nail polish every week. And I don't want to damage my nails and to lose its natural color.
For the price i think its a little too pricey for me because it cost 95 php where drugstore brands are 40 or less. But I would love to see if it really worth the price. If it is, I will now start to buy nail polish in The Face Shop. :)

UPDATED 9.28.11 I just remove my nail polish..and voila no stain in my nails :) yay :)

Very Bad Experience at DQ Market Market BGC

As the title says, Yes, this is my second time to have my order like *Blah*, but the first one is on the other store. As always when you order the cashier ask for your name to be called when your order is finish. So as we are waiting for my DQ Chocolate Almond, my boyfriend told me that the cashier type the wrong name! I don't have a soft voice so I know I clearly say "Jenny". But I don't want to brag about it because its just a name, luckily we found out before we have our order.
Then as I was eating my blizzard, I was surprise by the numerous amount of nuts in the upper portion of the cup, but I didn't mind. But when I was about to eat half of my ice cream, take note just half, I only see a WHITE ICE CREAM :( No nuts, No Chocolate :( I was so disappointed because my icec ream is not well mixed that I didn't enjoy it to the bottom, I always ate my ice cream to its limit but this time I don't mind to throw it away because it was just like eating a plain sundae. 
I want to brag it to the staff but I'm too shy, because they might think that I'm just maarte, but I think all of us want to eat our ice cream until to the last. And we are not paying just 5 php for an ice cream here, its over a hundred.
Oh well, but still DQ would still be my favorite but I would never eat to that stall ever again.

My Nursing Files :)

Luverie's 50 Followers Giveaway!

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Kikaysimaria and BB Cream Addict Pre-holiday Giveaway contest

This is a very overwhelming giveaway, so hold your jaws girls :p

Come and join KIKAYSIMARIA jaw dropping giveaway.

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Package 2 & 3
1 Luview Whitening Capsule BB Cream
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1 Contact Lenses of your Choice

Package 4
1 Luview Whitening Capsule BB Cream1 Le Faerie Cosmetics Opaque Lipgloss in Dark Nude
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Package 5
1 Luview Whitening Capsule BB Cream1 Le Faerie Cosmetics Opaque Lipgloss in Dark Nude
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Becky Vintage Giveaway!

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 One denim cut-off Shorts,
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To give thanks to all her lovely and loyal followers for reaching 500, Mrs. Emafe Rice is conducting a giveaway! yay~!

Isn't those are amazing to be given away?
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Izzoshop x Plethoricnonsense Giveaway

Ms. Angel Castillo is conducting a giveaway! yay!

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Contest ends on OCTOBER 22, 2011, 8 PM
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Sirena Sparklestar 200 Followers Giveaway!

Ms. Sirena Sparklestar is having her Nail Polish Giveaway!

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LOVE SKIN BEST hundred Followers & Birthday Giveaway!!!

Myrted is hosting a very lovable giveaway. And this are the items you might have, but take note there is only one winner. :)

Dollface Cosmetics 78 Color Version 2 Eyeshadow & Blush Palette
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Merle Norman Deep Ebony Lash Lift Waterproof Mascara 3g
Merle Norman Ultra Lip Shine 2.6g
Maybelline Colorsensational in Bon Bon Pink
Lip Ice Mentholatum in Grape Blackcurrant
Lip Ice Mentholatum in Apple
The Face Shop Herb Day Lip & Eye Make-up Remover 30sheets
The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub 50ml
Christian Dior Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Serum 2ml
Estee Lauder Beautiful Eau De Toillete 4.7ml
Estee Lauder Square Make-up Bag
My Beauty Diary Mask in Black Pearl 1 mask only
PinkBox Bangle Set Accessory in Gold and Black

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Advance Happy Birthday Myrted


A CHARMING GIVEAWAY! is hosted by http://www.gelleesh.com. And this are the awesome prices you might win.

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Martes, Setyembre 20, 2011

Came Unexpectedly..

I always join contests whenever I see one especially if it is hosted by my idols. :p
I only won once in online contests and it is hosted by GMA Facebook Fanpage. I won a Miley Cyrus Silver Ticket. I know that I won the contest through text and at first I've said to my self that I didn't enter such contest to win I thought it was a scam but later on I remember maybe it was on GMA that I've won. And it really is. 

And finally"DollFace Cosmetics' Anniversary Celebration!" They have an online contest where you would have a chance to win a free seat to their Make Up Seminar by the Top Two Youtube Guru namely Ms. Noe and Ms. Janah. There are two ways to win, the first one is TAG TO WIN A SEAT TO OUR SEMINAR! and the second one is to comment in the youtube video uploaded by the Gurus and just comment Meet and Greet. I only commented on Ms. Janah's vid. 

And finally when the time of announcement of winners, I cant believe that I've won..

Thank you Miss Janah~ i'm so excited~

Lunes, Setyembre 12, 2011

Samsung Corby II

My first cellphone which is a nokia phone is already had reach its limit after its 4 years of being with me, now its already broken because the LCD is the problem, I dont want to bother myself of repairing it because repair fee is equal to a price of a new mobile phone,So why bother myself? So I need a unit to replace my old phone and I set my criteria for choosing the phone (I'm not techy at all so I googled everything I want to know). 

So my criteria are:
              • touch screen
              • less than 5,000php
              • and have good reviews on internet

So as I was searching two units came across my mind the new line of products of nokia where they are dual sims and very affordable. Nokia brand had a very good reputation for me because my cellphone last for four years not until I drop it so badly. But I've read so many bad reviews in this product so I find for a replacement . and there I know Corby II.

So here are the pictures of my Corby II:

 I dont know that many people have already their hands on this not until I see everyday I commute I see 1 or 2 person handling over this phone.

Its very affordable and very easy to use.
I think it is patterned over Iphone because my friends always tell me that it looks like an Iphone, in basis of the applications.
If you love to use fb, twitter, youtube (any site), gaming, voice recording (very big check for me).

My facebook in I.M. App when I press the Refresh Button, my cellphone always restart and I've tried it on my tito's mobile phone also where he immediately buy this product after he saw this on me. 
i dont know how to fix this I've been searching through internet and no one I think knows how to fix it and I always forgot to come back where I bought this product.
In video/picture quality sometimes it doesnt look like a 2mp its definitely depends on the lighting when you capture your moments.
It doesnt go with memory card.
It doesnt have usb cable.
It doesnt have qwerty keypad in messaging but in internet you can use qwerty.

But overall this is a must have, if you cant afford those android phones and looking for a cheap touch screen phone, definitely Corby II will be your bestfriend.
I rate it 8/10 stars.

Are you an H & M Leather Bands Lover?

Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen celebrate her love to all her dolls by hosting a giveaway..

And these are her prices and it might be yours..

This giveaway is open until 30 September, 11:59 PM. Open to all her local and international readers.

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Guess who I bumped into at Sm Val..

Last Wednesday (September 7), me and my lola (grandmother) went to Baclaran as it is Baclaran Day and I have no classes for school. So when we are about to went home, we stop by at Goldilocks and buy some pasalubong. As lola is falling in line and I've seen this tall man even though at far I noticed him already because I think he's 6 foot tall. He is also falling inline at that time when I ask him (I was really nervous and I'm so shy that maybe he's not him because Sm Valenzuela? what will he be doing here to buy some cake?
I said it to myself will i let it pass or not? He's here just right by my side?
I dont want to be embarassed becaused maybe I took him for another person so I asked him, "Artista po ba kayo?" (Are you a Celebrity?) then he answered, "Nope, Im Pepe Smith." Gosh I felt Im having palpitation at that time, seriously! so I asked him, "Pwede po ba magpapicture?" then he said "O sige mamaya after this."
Then after he buy his goods I ask him again for a picture and he answered yes and let his friend took the picture. And here it is..

(he was about to copy my sign but he was too late his friend already hit the button)

I dont want to make a picture with him at first I want him to say "Bilog, rock and roll!" in his famous commercial tagline.

few info about him: source wikipedia.org

Joseph William Feliciano Smith (born December 25, 1947) is a Filipino singer-songwriter, drummer, and guitarist. More commonly known alternately as Joey Smith and Pepe Smith, he is an icon of original Filipino rock music or "Pinoy Rock".
Smith learned to play the drums by about age 9, and formed his first rock band at age 11, in 1959. This group, composed of friends from the Kamuning district, was first called The Blue Jazzers, later The Villains, then The Surfers. As The Surfers, they got a 6-month gig in Vietnam in the early 1960s. A few years later, Smith became a rock sensation in Manila as the drummer and lead vocal of the "Eddie Reyes and the Downbeats" band, imitating Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. This earned him the title "Mick Jagger of the Philippines". The Downbeats, managed by the Reyes clan of Pasig, owners of RCR Productions, appeared in contemporary TV specials and movies. Eddie Reyes and the Downbeats opened for the Beatles at their July 4, 1966 concert at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila. The Downbeats was the highest paid international band in Hong Kong during their time.
Smith then played drums and sang for the Japanese rock trio, Speed, Glue & Shinki. An interest in amphetamines was the attribution for his "Speed" moniker in the name of the band.
In December 1970, Smith joined the seminal Pinoy Rock group, Juan dela Cruz Band along with Wally Gonzales (guitar) and Mike Hanopol (bass). "Juan dela Cruz" is a Filipino term for "everyman" similar to "Joe Blow" in the U.S. The band had some earlier lineups, but this trio was the classic one. It became a quartet a few years later with the addition of Edmon "Bosyo" Fortuno, formerly of Anakbayan, on drums, when Pepe decided to play guitar instead. Among their first gigs was the 1970 Antipolo Rock Music Festival, an open-field concert similar to Woodstock, attended by thousands. Juan dela Cruz arguably invented the Pinoy Rock genre, focusing on original songwriting in Tagalog, instead of covers of foreign hit songs in English. It made superstars of all four members.
Smith composed Juan dela Cruz's arguably most classic song "Himig Natin" backstage in a ladies' toilet (he said the door to the men's toilet was busted) in 1972, while waiting for his turn to play in a concert called "Himig Natin", at the Rizal Park grounds in Manila, Philippines.
Although Himig Natin and many others of the Juan dela Cruz songs have become rock anthems in the Philippines, none of the group members profited from the recordings. The rights to the whole catalog had been sold in perpetuity to Vicor Records from the very beginning of the band, a practice that might today be regarded as exploitative, but was apparently commonplace during the era. The band members were paid monthly stipends and other fees for live appearances and recording dates.
Smith and the late Fortuno were lifelong friends and frequent bandmates; in fact, Pepe's other nickname was "Kalabog" from "Kalabog en Bosyo", the long-running Larry Alcala comic strip (1947–1995) about two dimwitted detectives, one tall, the other short, like Smith and Fortuno.
During a hiatus of Juan dela Cruz, Smith formed his own band, The Airwaves, circa 1976. The members were Smith (vocals/dobro/drums), Jun Lopito (guitar), Gary Perez, formerly of Sampaguita (guitar), Gil Cruz (bass) and Edmon Fortuno (drums).
After the Juan dela Cruz era, Smith has performed largely solo, with session musicians, except for two Juan dela Cruz reunions.
Smith was jailed for 19 months for alleged drug trafficking, starting in 1992. His constant jail visitor in the Quezon City Jail was Apa Ongpin, who, with Pepito Bosch and other friends, mounted a legal defense for him. He was eventually released for lack of evidence.
In 1994, he survived a car accident that damaged his signature jaw and put him out of action for some months.
Smith released his first solo album Idiosyncrasies, on Alpha Records in 2005. The 14-track album was three-years in the making; the recording project had started in 2002. The album was released simultaneously with the Juan Dela Cruz three-CD collection from rival Vicor Records.
Smith played a comic role on an ABS-CBN sitcom in the late 2000s.
Multi-awarded journalist Howie Severino produced and directed perhaps the most complete documentary on Smith's life. Entitled "Pepe's Myth", it aired on GMA Network on April 24, 2006. The raw footage consisted of several days of interviews with Smith, his friends and family, and included a poignant concert at the Quezon City Jail, organized by Severino, 12 years after Smith's release from the facility.

Thankyou Pepe Smith for being so accomodating, Rock and roll! 

Sabado, Setyembre 10, 2011

Rinny's 400+ Followers Giveaway

Finding Made in U.S.A., GERMANY, ITALY  makeup products is very hard to find here in the Philippines, there are some who are selling it but not all the collection or maybe there is just a specific mall sells the whole collection. 

Having Rinny hosting a giveaway for her 400 followers is very awesome. She is giving away NYX products. NYX products is well introduced here in the Philippines but I am too scared to buy one because it might be fake, and almost filipino online shops in Facebook sells NYX, and I know that China made products are widely distributed in the Philippines and I always have a thought that they are China-made that's why I never get a chance to get a NYX product even though I get a very good reviews on their products. 

Her giveaway is open to all readers - US & International - and will end on September 30, 2011 at 11:59PM EST. 
To know more on how to join, please visit her blog by clicking here!

ASIAN BEAUTIFIER 1000 Followers Giveaway

ASIAN BEAUTIFIER 1000 Followers Giveaway !

Yes you've read it right :)
These are the awesome items that she personally pick and her personal fave item too that she will be giving away:)

Isn't those are gorgeous?
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