Lunes, Oktubre 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is the favorite Holiday of most of us, especially the children.
They have waited this for months to wear their cute costumes and attend the Trick or Treating events in the places near our homes.

Yesterday, October 31, as our family every year go to SM Valenzuela and join the Trick or Treat event in the said Mall, we prepare are cute costumes for the event.

My little siblings who always take in part of the event are very excited to go to the SM as they will gather many candies as their reference last year's event.

Here are their Photos for Trick or Treat:

In Smart

In Smart, look how my sister is very happy to have her Candy

At Vice Versa (I think, I forgot >_<) The designs of the stall is very cute


At the HyperMarket, if you have a 500php Buy Me or 500php receipt I think, you will had a chance to join this Dakot all U Candy but the little ones will be able to do this. :)

Take a look at the little boy, how cute he is with his costume.

I adore the cuteness of this child, her crown and her wings wide open.

To sum up everything in the event, we arrived at the Mall 12 noon but the stalls says they don't have candies anymore, its so sad that children are just arriving at that time and when everytime they hear the words "Ubos na." their smiling face turns into sad ones. My siblings basket wasn't full not even into halfway too :( They were expecting as much candies just like last year almost a Bucket size for each of them. :( But even though at least they enjoyed the most of it and joined the same event.

And here are some vain photos of my niece Jeana:

Me with my cute niece she's 3 months old now :)

My cute little ones looking at how many candies they have gathered at KFC  :)

My little sister, with her Pink and Violet Faerie Costume, isn't she cute? :)

My sister costume, thank you for Louie's Tita for letting us borrow her child's costume. :)

Once in a young lifetime one should be allowed to have as much sweetness as one can 

possibly want and hold.

Maii's First Blog Giveaway!

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Malaysian Pocky ! - Strawberry , Chocolate 
Dolly Wink Booklets
Koala March keychain 

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Linggo, Oktubre 30, 2011

Pastel Raindrops Giveaway!

Pastel Raindrops is celebrating her 1000 followers giveaway, 
and these are the the items you could win:
A pair of hand painted sneakers
handmade 2-way bow
A shooting star necklace, rainbow ring and a button
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Eyemazing Harajuku Doll lashes #501
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Sabado, Oktubre 22, 2011

Collective Haul from Trinoma Cosmetic Sale and other goodies :)

First buy, from Japan Homes a mini tripod which is very flexible and applicable to any camera. Very good deal for 88 php

Second buy, A sharpener. I thought it was what I thought so but it was only until I went home that it is just an ordinary sharpener. I've wasted my 88php :(

Third Buy, Brushes which are very cheap it is located at Landmark. The price range are from 34-200php and it is also 10% off.

the samples are way too different when you apply the polishes on your nails :( 
Just a waste of money.

 2 left finger - lavander, 2 right finger Gray

Fourth buy cheap nail polish. cost only 24 and 34 php but all cosmetic sale are 10% off :)
I don't recommend you to buy this products, the price goes with its quality very POOR. You will waste your money on this. I will give this as a gift so it wouldn't go to waste. :(

Fifth Buy Nail art where it cost 49php I think and it is 10% off also :) I haven't tried this yet but I'm expecting it to be cute on my nails. :)

Sixth Buy - Nail File but I don't want to use this because I have a feeling of nangingilo or something :( The pack consists of 6 nail files where it goes with 3 colors - violet, yellow and pink.

Seventh Buy, Nail brush, my old nail brush is totally worn out so I need to replace it. I didn't know that HBC packaging now is paper and it looks very cheap for me. 

Caress: Christmas Polka
I haven't try this yet but I think the glitters look perfect also for Halloween :) 

Caress: Sparkle Pink
I bought this impulsively. I noticed that I don't have red polish except for my cracking type so I picked this. But the name is definitely different from its actual color, it looks like a bright red color.

Aido Regular LIpstick in No. 6
I've seen this in another blog and I already forgot which exactly. It is a very good buy for a 25php. I will be giving this to my 2 older sister for Christmas. (I shop all year round for my christmas gifts especially during sales. :) )

Natural Looking False Eyelashes
I haven't tried to wear any false eyelashes and I want to experiment with this natural looking one. :)

Giggles Baby Wipes
This is the only wipes I trust and this is very handy and cheap. :)

Stamping Nail Art
I am eyeing on this the first moment I saw this. And yay! finally I bought one for myself. :)

Zen Zest 2 Bottles for only 180
I don't wear perfume everyday because I want the natural smell of my soap :p
But I've seen this and it caught my attention and I want to give Louie a perfume on christmas and yay! I think the smell will suit him. :) And I pick one for me the Desire one which I think it smells sexy. =P

Biya Eyelash Curler
I have Nichido Eyelash Curler which I think cost 65php and above and it doesn't curl my eyelashes :( Yes it is and I think I waste money for it. Then I found Biya which only costs 34.75 almost half the price of the Nichido one which it perfectly curls my eyelashes! yay I wish I saw this long time ago. >_<

Double Eye Paster
This one is not for me I will be giving this as a gift as well to my friend which is a monolid. And I am thinking to buy myself one too to make a perfect french tip. :)

Powder Puff
I bought this because I have a bigger one and I think it is not convenient at all to bring a big powder puffer.

If you have hauls please tell me so, I love seeing blog/vlog hauls. :)