Linggo, Marso 4, 2012

Bilog turns 21 :)

Time surely pass by so easily, seeing my age that it doesn't in teen anymore makes me feel I'm so old now. >.< 
My birthday is the same date as New Year's Eve making December 31 as double celebration in our house.
I don't usually celebrate my birthdays in my house, I always celebrate it with Louie, malling. :)

And my favorite gift among Louie's gifts :)

Louie made this especially on my birthday. It's made of clay I think. It's a mini me key chain holding a DQ Blizzard which is my favorite. :) He personally made the Box also which I lost somewhere in the house :(
I am always happy during my birthday not because of the gifts I received but for celebrating my birthday each year is much more blessing to be thankful of :)

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