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F. CUZ at SM Valenzuela

One thing I would really never expect to have a mall show in the nearest SM in my place, SM Valenzuela, is a KPOP group mall show! 
Its all because of the size of the venue! its so small!
But nevertheless SM will make its own ways to make it possible!

my sister and I waiting for the program to start!

F.CUZ  a south korean boy band, with 5 members which is originally 4 members debuted last January 8,2010. It's just a few days before their 3rd anniversary! Namely Jinon - leader, main rapper next is Daegun - main vocalist, Raehyun - vocalist, Kan - lead dancer, power vocalist, visual and my favorite! and my most favorite Yejun - lead vocalist, maknae.

F. CUZ is one of the groups they called as underrated, but I don't want to call them one because I think they are very talented and they just need more exposure!

This is their grand entrance from the stairs from the second floor! It was not a very good shot because of the christmas tree was blocking it off :/

(the backstage is under the stairs and beside the giant christmas tree)

The only members that I can see from where I am is Yejun and Jinon.

And they are both game to have taken a pic in camera!

Yejun, so cute! drinking SM Mineral Water!

And Jinon, when he pose for my cam, I *died* of kilig so I don't have any good shot of him :( my shot came in blurry!

Jinon why are you looking at your hands? is there a scratch? hope there's not :(

Before the boys perform, they decided to have a meet and greet and photo shoot, yeah all in one for those who have vip seats. (Basically paying 140php and you will have a few ecobag) 

SM Valenzuela didn't cite this in their FB fan page, oh well~

Jinon and Raehyun waves and greet every fan that came on stage, while Yejun, Daegun and Kan seems shy.

Those lucky fans!
The lights are very near to them, they are dying in heat in here already, just by the yellow lights. :/

First Performance - Jiggy

These are Daegun moments:

always smiling, and game to have a selca!

haha, this one is very sexy!

But this one is the best I guess, very enticing! 

And these are Kan's:

smiles *dies*

those eyes!


Other Videos:

Jinon : Ako pogi, ikaw maganda!

F. CUZ Introduction

F. CUZ greets their fans

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