Linggo, Hulyo 17, 2011

Haul at Great Northern Sale

This is my first time to make a blog, so dont be too harsh 
from me i want to make my writing skills ok and i just want to share things :) 

So I was at the last day of sale, and yeah its Sunday also what do I expect SALE + FAMILY DAY = SARDINES :P

So for my task for myself to buy a nail polish every week. This is my choice : Caronia in Summer Fling.
In just one apply of this polish i just say OMG! Perfect! believe me its true :p my little sister was there when i was applying and she said that I look like a child while saying that :) I was just amaze :)

So this are the pictures :0 for a low price but worth it :) 

So I want to be all girlish :) I also buy this Ever Bilena in Pink Flame. I just want to learn makeup so i bought this because I've read many reviews about this lipsticks, I just hope that I can buy all those in this collection, I love all the colors :) So please if you would like something a lipstick that is good and last long but cheap please tell me so because I would love to know other good but cheap ones :)


I also bought an eye shadow from Dream Girl and i love all their shades and i was in the dilemma so I pick this Reflections, I was thinking if I would buy the Aido eyeshadow earth tone with blush on palette of sister company Fashion21 but I pick this because it was on sale and that palette is very cheap and I think I can get some of those in the future :) 

For blush on i chose this Fashion 21 blush on stick in number 3, but im not quite impress of this because it didnt last long, i need to retouch every now and then, and you must put some liquid blush on before this because its not very pigmented, its just very glittery.

For the Mascara I bought this Magnum washable because I have a hard time removing the waterproof one, i cant remember the name but its Maybelline also with black color of the case and pink and there is volume express waterproof blah blah blah written in it so i go for it, and its indeed washable because its easy to remove and doesnt stain on my eyebags *a big relief*. And i think i made a great deal here because its original prace is 399 from 319 not bad :) 

For my highlighter and Eyeliner i chose this Fashion 21  white eyeliner and i really love it because its really pigmented compared to Nichido's white eyeliner because i think its creamy or what.

So there you have it, those are my simple haul and in just less than a thousand I have those things, after patiently looking around at the makeup section :) I hope I can buy some stuff again soon, because I really want to try the Make up World :) 

So this is my first attempt and its really hard and I love to hear some criticisms :) thankyou:)