Lunes, Setyembre 26, 2011


I never knew before that a Base Coat is essential in applying nail polish especially if the nail polish you are using leaves stain heavily in your nail. I was putting nail polish since May up to now non stop because in Nursing it is strictly prohibited to have your nails long and have nail polish on it because it looks so unprofessionally. So before the Board Exam I will paint my nails non stop. :p My nail polish collection is starting to grow i have Bobbie, Caronia, Caress, La Belle, Miss Beauty (mostly drugstore) but most of it are Caronia because it is very cheap, one swipe and the color is very pigmented on your nails.

So when I went to Sm North Edsa, I saw The Face Shop and ask if what is a good base coat.(They have very pretty sales lady there :p) And they gave me this.

The color looks like a Cuticle Remover. But when you use it, it looks like it is a normal plain pink colorless nail polish.

The Plastic Bag, because I only buy one item but it is not an ordinary plastic it is resealable.

Its good that the ingredients are written at the back, so the customers will know if it had a harmful content in it.

I love the style of the lid/cover or whatsoever it is really cute.

I love that all the details are written in the bottle.

I love the product, it is easy to use, it is easy to swipe. I am looking forward to its effect not to stain on my nails. Hopefully it will because I change my nail polish every week. And I don't want to damage my nails and to lose its natural color.
For the price i think its a little too pricey for me because it cost 95 php where drugstore brands are 40 or less. But I would love to see if it really worth the price. If it is, I will now start to buy nail polish in The Face Shop. :)

UPDATED 9.28.11 I just remove my nail polish..and voila no stain in my nails :) yay :)

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