Lunes, Disyembre 10, 2012

Avida Land: Pasko Natin

Every year Avida Land host a 3d Street Painting Festival and various group join this contest.

This year theme is "Pasko Natin", which basically showcase the christmas in the Philippines.

Contestants' entry can be seen at Avida Land's Facebook Page.

Click here to see the works.

This is one of the entry, please do share this to your friends and family to see the Philippines amazing 3d art.

Sabado, Disyembre 1, 2012

Hello kitty x Pamper Day

Last week, me and my sister watch Twilight the final saga on Sm North Edsa The Block.
and going to mall on Sunday is not a very good idea, because it will be jam packed with people,
but we have no choice it is the only rest day on work XD

We bought tickets in The Block, because buying tickets at the main mall will take you forever.
After that, we buy our foods in KFC because that is the nearest, I want some Poppepperoo but it is in the main mall, so opt to buy the popcorn on cinema's snack bar.

But the line at KFC that time was like _____________________
we waited 45mins to have our take out meal :(
It was like 5mins before the screening time, so I was very agitated that time.

After the film was ended and the word forever was out, I was very happy and contented on what I've watched. I've finished upto the cast, Its very worth watching.

So, after we watch, we take a quick picture on Hello Kitty on the event center.

So cute, I wasn't a big fan but this is so cute to have.

This is very cuddly, I wish I have one, but its a bit pricey.

this Hello Kitties so cute!

After SM North, we headed Sm Valenzuela, so it is near in our home.

We have Diamond Peel in Ora Derm.

this is my first time.

with my sister

the place, so cozy.

after an hour of pampering my face, I can bare to go out with no make up.

I feel very refreshed.

I am Baby Panda holiday giveaway!

I really love it~

she's hosting a giveaway! yay!

to know more about the details on how to join her giveaway, click here!