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Pix for my Tweets 1st Prize Winner! (Solo Category)

2012 was not really my year. And I'm losing hopes on things and my self esteem is at its breaking point. But, everything change since the end of December, and no words can't express what I'm feeling.
 From the New Year's Eve up to now, blessings from our God Above is over flowing, I just prayed and prayed and keep on believing in him and in myself .

Last January 4, me and my sister Rina went to SM Valenzuela to run some errands and that is what my New Year's Haul all about, and Rina is bugging me to have her picture taken under the Christmas Tree, because we forgot to have a picture taken during our last minute grocery and christmas decor shopping during the Christmas Eve. (You see, it's Christmas and all the kids want a picture with the humongous christmas tree) 

So, while I'm capturing her photos, I've seen a big picture. And this is what is in it:

Photo source:

Seriously, I was shocked to saw that because I always go to SM Valenzuela and I didn't saw that for all times! haha! Lazy me, don't want to read :p

And this is my entry for the Pix for my Tweets contest and what my little sister meaning to have her photo taken! 
I didn't notice that the picture I captured is like an Eiffel Tower unless I put the SD Card to the computer. (I bought the tripod after the photo taken! failed! haha!) But I think its still cute enough, right? I really do want to capture the whole Christmas Tree to give some justice it :)

Then, today is the announcement of the winners, and I saw the SM Valenzuela Facebook status:

OMG, I was about to be going out when I saw this. And while I'm out of the house this is what in my mind! 

Then when I went home, I went straight to the computer to check, and this is what I see:

Yay! We won 1st Prize! :)

Thank you SM Valenzuela :)  can't wait to hear from you on how to claim the prize :)

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