Martes, Nobyembre 20, 2012

Seoul-ful Cosmetics Giveaway is having her korean cosmetics giveaway!
the moment I saw this on her facebook fanpage, it seems very awesome!

to join her giveaway, click here!

Angela turns 1

There are three birthdays that you should have a feast here in the Philippines.
One when the child turns 1, Second is when she is 7 years old and third the most grandiose is the 18th birthday for females.
its always to be tradition to celebrate those years and I don't know the reason for them, but who needs reasons? its your birthday after all.

So last Sunday we celebrate Angela's first birthday, she is so adorable, very dark hair and skin as light as snow.

See? :) Isn't she cute? those eyes <3

Jollibee has its own partners of photo booth and I'm glad my tita have their awesome photo booth, because the photo booth has its own 2 lighting plus they have your individual shots on their facebook fanpage, which I haven't seen on other Photo Booths, just them specifically. And the way they print their photos are very fast. :) 

My niece first birthday celebrated also in Jollibee so I know their Program, haha and i guess them all right except for the few other games.

So here are my photos in the Photo Booth

with my mom

with my cousin

my younger brother and my mom

my fave shot with my mom

with my cousin, haha 
don't look at the monitor, look at the lens, lol

with my cousin on his camera 
he is like 14 y.o. but we are at the same height >.<

my vain photo :p haha

Always wear your invisible crown.

I think most of children in the Philippines celebrated their first birthday in Jollibee,
maybe because its a very fun place to celebrate and you don't need to think if you would be cleaning the venue afterwards. 
and Jollibee is there, came all the way from Jollitown just for your birthday.

I will never get tired attending birthdays on Jollibee, because its very fun. Child and Adult have time to participates in game, no one will be out of place there.

So if you have a family member who will be celebrating their first birthday, where would you have your party?
Please share it with me, I love to hear them.
till next time!

Photos grabbed from Smiley Photos

Martes, Nobyembre 13, 2012


I wake up early 2 consecutive days now~
Geez not so me~ 
Well, I have a job interview today in one of well known hospital in Quezon City.

After the interview, me and Fat go to Trinoma to had some lunch and to claim my new product line of Yves Rocher where I got the idea of joining by thankyou :)

i kinda mess up on looking my i.d. for verification because I misplaced it when I get it earlier. >.<
i hope the SA doesn't have a bad mood after that :p

Then we had lunch at tokyo tokyo :)

Then after we ate our lunch we stop by at the event center and Tupperware is celebrating their 46 years, and it is open to the PUBLIC, so why not enter ;p

the real reason of getting in is just the photo booth! haha! filipinos love having their photos right?

but while we are having our photo session we heard the host announcing our name for free coffee treat and you have 5 minutes to claim it!

haha we really want to go right away but the photo session is just so quick so we hold it for a sec.

then we have our free starbucks tall frappe :)

i'm so happy today of how things go, crossing my fingers to passed the interview and wait for the written exam!

as fat always says, "What's meant for you will always fall for you."

Fat did I say it correctly? haha :p


Laters, baby!

Huwebes, Nobyembre 8, 2012

I've bought this falsies last month but I can't  find perfect eyelash glue which is cheap.

I've been eyeing ones on hbc, landmark.

I want the DUO but its just so pricey.

Do you have any suggestions on affordable lash glue?

Share it with me. :)

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 7, 2012

Fave :)

My comfort food buttered holed bread with egg in it! 
haha I don't know what to call this but its super yummy!
super easy and fast to do!

A! life Control

Yay I've won Lucky Citrine A! lief control goveaway last month.
And the prizes are delivered asap.
And she even put some extra freebies,
thank you Miss Helen :)

I can't wait to try this as soon as I empty my slimming coffee :)

Huwebes, Nobyembre 1, 2012

Tutuban Virtual Zoo Opening

3D art is where Guhit Visual Arts Group became famous of and they have already invaded almost every university by their talent.

After their big project at Seriland, (which I haven't seen and wish to see n the near future) which is really a promising one here comes Virtual Zoo which is basically 3d art trick that really looks great in person and photos.

Warning this Blog post is Picture heavy.

 The Wild Boar

The Tarsier
so cute!

Petrang Kabayo :p

You can feed a tiger :p

Don't eat me :p

Water Falls :)

Bumble bee was present too :)

Pepsi Pogi :)

This are some of the attractions you can see in the Virtual Zoo, the whole family will definitely have a good time here, plus its very educational for children and they wont be scared to touch those wild animals :)
Free Admission!

Thank you Alice :)

Yay I've received my prizes from Alice :)

I wasn't expecting this much,  I was hoping to receive just a few ones :)

Thankyou Alice once again, Sophie lipsticks are my HG, and I love them to bits! 

I've tried already the lip balm of Human nature in the color violet I forget the name and I love it, and this is my first time trying the peppermint one :)