Sabado, Enero 19, 2013

Bonding time.

Yesterday, I accompany my older sister to go grocery shopping. and Jeanna and Louie is with us on that time too. And having a toddler with you while your shopping is a big challenge, they want to go around and explore things, they will run and run. haha. XD

here, Jeanna touching all the frozen goods, exploring, she touches anything.

And she's tired now, time for the bottle feeding!

After we finish grocery shopping, we pass by the walkalator which the only place that I knew that have it is SM Valenzuela.

Ofcourse after walking and walking in the grocery we chose to eat at Hainanese Delight, this will be our second time to dine in here.

Hainanese Delight cater Singaporean dishes like the Hainanese Chicken, the Singapore national dish.

Before you would dine in, you must pay as you order just like most of the quick service restaurant in the metro.

 Isn't their interior is nice? Those lights that I want to put in my bedroom, so cute and girly! haha

But if you would look closely, you would think it's a lamp in an upside down, or is it just me?

If you would be dining here you might bring out your camera before the meal is serve :)

Louie and I :)

 Our lovely group photo! Haha! 

How I wish the lady would take another shot of us before she gave us our camera. oh well! maybe just bring a tripod! haha!

Louie and I and with the grocery at the background. Hello grocery! lols

I order the Steamed Hainanese Delight Chicken. (99php)

Louie and Jane order the Hainan fried chicken (99php)

I can't remember the name of this, but this is my favorite sauteed veggies with tofu.

Oh my niece, while eating her dessert, so cute!

 After we ate, we go to World of Fun, to let my niece play and of course, us too.

After we play, we roam at the cyberzone area and I found this:

And I was like, wwhuuuttt? for real?
I don't know if its authentic or fake product but one thing is for sure, this is a great deal!

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