Linggo, Enero 27, 2013

Get the chance to WIN a SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA!

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Yesterday, January 26 together with my sister and Louie, we went to SM Center Valenzuela to get the prize for the  Pix for my Tweets Promo

Finally its here:

my sister can't wait to buy new shoes :)

it doesn't look she's happy enough, but she is, very :)

I gave all the GC's to my mom to buy some new things to my siblings and for grocery :)

Oh I forgot the name of the lady who assists us in the claiming process, but again Thank you! :)

My sister, pointing here and there! haha! 
She wants all! :))

Gerald Santos was there also for his Album Mall Tour, its free admission :))
We got to seat at the front row but my sister got famished so we need to eat and leave our seats behind :) But at the time we finish eating the place was jampacked :(  We cannot see Gerald anymore and our seats are already taken :(


Again, Thank you SM Center Valenzuela :)

Follow SM Center Valenzuela in twitter for their latest promos and mall events. 

lissakahayon: You've got male (Outfit post + Blog Giveaway)

 See how much I'm in love with these babies? I've been wearing them almost every single day! I've been lusting over a pair of black flat boo...

lissakahayon: You've got male (Outfit post + Blog Giveaway)

 See how much I'm in love with these babies? I've been wearing them almost every single day! I've been lusting over a pair of black flat boo...

What's your favorite love quote?

Save the date! CHICSER The Repeat

Do you have what it takes to be a FASHION ICON?

Sabado, Enero 26, 2013

Get a chance to win a romantic getaway for 2 at Boracay!

35 FREE Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel Bras Daily!

Avon Philippines is celebrating its 35th Anniversary and to celebrate it they are giving away 25 brassieres daily!
I joined the giveaway, and I knew lots of women joined too and I'm so happy that I've won! :)
I didn't knew actually that I've won already not until the mailman arrived at our doorsteps.
I've won last January 22, 2013 and the package arrived yesterday, January 25 so it was pretty fast! it took them only 3 days!

To join the giveaway click here!
To know if you already have won click here!

Fashion PULIS: Win 5,000 PhP from Moringa-O2 Malunggay

Fashion PULIS: Win 5,000 PhP from Moringa-O2 Malunggay

Miyerkules, Enero 23, 2013

Freshman Masculine Wash?

 Females have many skin care products in their stash and all has its different purposes and mainly each body part has a skin care regimen. And one product that I think that all girls need to have to hygienic purposes is feminine wash. But why don't we see masculine wash? I don't know any masculine wash until now.

When I was passing by the isle in the grocery in SM Valenzuela, I saw this between the Feminine washes, Freshman Masculine Wash. I was laughing inside me to see this but in deeper thought, why not?

Freshman Masculine Wash cames in two variant; one is in freeze and the other is just a regular one.

I think this product need a lot more attention of the guys, because guys don't pay attention to hygiene unlike the ladies who are very strict with it.

Gone are the days of soap for a man's intimate area! Be a responsible man and take the initiative. Take charge of your hygiene – be better than clean.
source: Freshman FB

Sassa Active Wear Sale Haul!

"These days almost everyone is getting fit and being active – even if being “active” simply means heading for the mall with friends to hang out, shop or watch a movie. Yet the challenge remains: how does one maintain femininity, style and budget simultaneously when it comes to activewear? 

Sassa Activewear responds to that challenge by conveying the message that femininity and style need not be sacrificed for function. Best of all, despite being of excellent quality, every piece is reasonably priced keeping your budget intact. Whatever it is that you are into; whether leisurely strolling through the mall or sweating it out in the gym, Sassa guarantees you are not only comfortable but fashionable, too!"

Who doesn't know Sassa? I think almost the teens who are active, who swims and love going to beach definitely own at least one pair of Sassa.

So, when I see this on sale I knew I'm gonna grab them. You see Sassa seldom put their products on sale and the quality of their clothes are amazing.

I bought one that is cross in the back and a sando type.

this perfectly fit in my body! and I'm lovin' it!

The original price is 319.75php and it was down to 50% so it's now 179php only! 

Martes, Enero 22, 2013

Manila Shopper: PX Stores at Cash & Carry Mall Makati

Manila Shopper: PX Stores at Cash & Carry Mall Makati: Chocolates, imported and branded perfumes, imported food low prices?  Well, there's no other place than the PX Stores locat...

12 Gifts of Golden - gift 4

Christmas ain't finish, you know?

 Golden Merchandise is giving away a unique gift for each week. Isn't that great? 

So, Basically I've learned this giveaway when Helen posted on her blog that she won a Red by Taylor Swift Album. One of my favorite beauty bloggers out there, she sold me by her pink lips! haha! 

So when she posted it on her blog and see that Infinite Key Chain, I totally want it!

I follow all the rules and join and last Sunday it was announced.

Yay! And this is what I've won:

Oh, how sweet of them! 

I'll definitely gonna keep this :) for souvenir :)

I really don't want to use this, i'm a HP fan you know! haha! 
but I really love this to do list , I always tend to forgot, so it a must for me!

a 1d! OMG i'm a 1D fan too that's why i chose this. And my little siblings love them too! But I'll definitely gonna give this to my younger sister because she loves more 1D than me! haha

the reason i join the giveaway! 

It was a mirror too! great!

Thank you Golden Merchandise :)

Join the Gift 5 - 12 Gifts of Golden and you might win the humongous 1D poster!

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Sabado, Enero 19, 2013

Slice N' Dice

Slice N' Dice is the first Steak quick service restaurant out there that offer freshly grilled, premium quality steaks at affordable prices to the mass market. 

The place looks very small in the outside but when you enter its narrow but quite spacious probably for a 30pax costumers.

I love their interior white, yellow and red, very common color for a quick service restaurant, very appealing.

As you can see their lighting is not quite lit but not dim also, it's in between. the large lights are not turn on, so no spotlight for your food.

Cam whoring with my sister:

She's very famish and cold, she ate all my mushroom soup too ;p

Playing with the fish-eye effect, so cute

I order for my sister the Salisbury Steak that cames with a red tea (55php)

The taste of this is like the frozen burger patties, no surprise at all.

Mine is the Cheezy Garlic Mussels with rice and Red Iced Tea (99php)

I've tried this before and I love it, that's why I order this again, but you can see clearly that there is no butter oozing from the mussels,its so dry and the cheese is like the regular ones and not a quick melt kind of cheese and some mussels are burned. I was very disappointed with the taste and the way they served it to me. In my first time I don't add any spices to it but now I need some to add some taste to it. 
And while I am finishing my mussels I taste 3 of them with lansa which it would be removed if you cook it correctly.

But anyways to sum it up, I love the ambiance, the service crew which are very accommodating and ready for your requests, the chairs which is very comfy especially after a long walk at mall, and just in time services.

 will be going back here but maybe to eat the T-Bone steak or the Garlic Steak again which is very juicy and yummy.

Have you tried to dine in Slice N' Dice?
How was it?
What is your favorite?
Love to hear your impressions.

Bonding time.

Yesterday, I accompany my older sister to go grocery shopping. and Jeanna and Louie is with us on that time too. And having a toddler with you while your shopping is a big challenge, they want to go around and explore things, they will run and run. haha. XD

here, Jeanna touching all the frozen goods, exploring, she touches anything.

And she's tired now, time for the bottle feeding!

After we finish grocery shopping, we pass by the walkalator which the only place that I knew that have it is SM Valenzuela.

Ofcourse after walking and walking in the grocery we chose to eat at Hainanese Delight, this will be our second time to dine in here.

Hainanese Delight cater Singaporean dishes like the Hainanese Chicken, the Singapore national dish.

Before you would dine in, you must pay as you order just like most of the quick service restaurant in the metro.

 Isn't their interior is nice? Those lights that I want to put in my bedroom, so cute and girly! haha

But if you would look closely, you would think it's a lamp in an upside down, or is it just me?

If you would be dining here you might bring out your camera before the meal is serve :)

Louie and I :)

 Our lovely group photo! Haha! 

How I wish the lady would take another shot of us before she gave us our camera. oh well! maybe just bring a tripod! haha!

Louie and I and with the grocery at the background. Hello grocery! lols

I order the Steamed Hainanese Delight Chicken. (99php)

Louie and Jane order the Hainan fried chicken (99php)

I can't remember the name of this, but this is my favorite sauteed veggies with tofu.

Oh my niece, while eating her dessert, so cute!

 After we ate, we go to World of Fun, to let my niece play and of course, us too.

After we play, we roam at the cyberzone area and I found this:

And I was like, wwhuuuttt? for real?
I don't know if its authentic or fake product but one thing is for sure, this is a great deal!