Biyernes, Enero 4, 2013

New Year's Haul

Today, I paid our remaining balance in BDO SM Valenzuela for our Palawan trip next month, can't wait for that. It was quick, though I don't know why the teller charge me extra 50php for the deposit, I didn't bother to ask, gggrr maybe I should have ask so I know the reason. I pay our f50% downpayment at the same bank and at the same branch but the earlier transaction didn't charge me 50php, I just realize it now.

Then after me and my little sister, Rina paid and do a little grocery, our stomach got famished we ate at Mc Donald's, everyone loves McDo  :) this is the time of using those coupons or ampaw :) My fave deal is the coke float and medium fries at 55php :)

Then we take a picture at the Christmas Tree in the activity area, which we always tend to forgot to get a picture. Better late than never.

Rina, posing for the cam, she's so cute! 

She wants it in the bears! They're so fluffy!

Rina with the Christmas Tree, I love my shot in here! :)
Lakas makabuhat ng sariling bangko! haha

This are some of the stuff I buy in SM, camnera related stuff:

Energizer rechargeable battery and charger, Microtex lens cleaning cloth, CD-R King Aluminum Tripod.

I was totally just going to buy the Rechargeable Batteries with Charger, hate those impulsive buying :/


Led Charging Status Indicators
Reverse Polarity Detection
Manual/Timer Switch-off

*I don't know where is the Manual/Timer Switch-off is, I look at the instructions, but it didn't indicate where, if you knew please tell me where it is~

Unique Micro-Structure weave
Quickly & safely removes Fingerprints & dust
Clean without chemicals or solvents
Scratch-Free and Lint-free

*This one, I buy this impulsively, because it was in the counter at the check out, and I just bought one rechargeable batteries so why not buy this, and I think I practically need this, to be a responsible owner, love your gadgets too.

Then last but not the least:

CD-R King Aluminum Tripod with free carrying case

This is what it looks like when at its shortest, its taller than the regular small bendable tripod in Saizen.

First and Third leg extended.
The Third leg looks  unstable, but its not. The camera is safe.

Then here is where all the legs are extended, lakas maka photo booth! haha!

Here are the locks, which you need to snap and I find it na pag maling snap mo masisira siya. :/ So you need to be careful with this one.

Then while I'm opening the case to get the tripod, bigla na lang tong nalaglag! As in!
Nagulat ako akala ko may nasira! pero wala naman I check everything, and it's white! and the aluminum is grey, so I think naiwan lang to! Pero sana lang talaga! I'll definitely check everything tomorrow.
Naalala ko pa man din sabi saken ng SA, "Ma'am wala na tong replacement ah" then I  just reply "Okay" tutal naman nacheck ko na lahat nun so I'm convince na walang defect, natakot lang ako kasi it was the displayed item and they have no longer stocks, so I just get it, ayoko na balikan, katamad. haha.

But nevertheless I'm very happy with my purchases, because everything is worth it investment maybe except from the tripod, maybe soon we'll replace it in benro :)

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