Sabado, Enero 19, 2013

Slice N' Dice

Slice N' Dice is the first Steak quick service restaurant out there that offer freshly grilled, premium quality steaks at affordable prices to the mass market. 

The place looks very small in the outside but when you enter its narrow but quite spacious probably for a 30pax costumers.

I love their interior white, yellow and red, very common color for a quick service restaurant, very appealing.

As you can see their lighting is not quite lit but not dim also, it's in between. the large lights are not turn on, so no spotlight for your food.

Cam whoring with my sister:

She's very famish and cold, she ate all my mushroom soup too ;p

Playing with the fish-eye effect, so cute

I order for my sister the Salisbury Steak that cames with a red tea (55php)

The taste of this is like the frozen burger patties, no surprise at all.

Mine is the Cheezy Garlic Mussels with rice and Red Iced Tea (99php)

I've tried this before and I love it, that's why I order this again, but you can see clearly that there is no butter oozing from the mussels,its so dry and the cheese is like the regular ones and not a quick melt kind of cheese and some mussels are burned. I was very disappointed with the taste and the way they served it to me. In my first time I don't add any spices to it but now I need some to add some taste to it. 
And while I am finishing my mussels I taste 3 of them with lansa which it would be removed if you cook it correctly.

But anyways to sum it up, I love the ambiance, the service crew which are very accommodating and ready for your requests, the chairs which is very comfy especially after a long walk at mall, and just in time services.

 will be going back here but maybe to eat the T-Bone steak or the Garlic Steak again which is very juicy and yummy.

Have you tried to dine in Slice N' Dice?
How was it?
What is your favorite?
Love to hear your impressions.

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