Martes, Enero 22, 2013

12 Gifts of Golden - gift 4

Christmas ain't finish, you know?

 Golden Merchandise is giving away a unique gift for each week. Isn't that great? 

So, Basically I've learned this giveaway when Helen posted on her blog that she won a Red by Taylor Swift Album. One of my favorite beauty bloggers out there, she sold me by her pink lips! haha! 

So when she posted it on her blog and see that Infinite Key Chain, I totally want it!

I follow all the rules and join and last Sunday it was announced.

Yay! And this is what I've won:

Oh, how sweet of them! 

I'll definitely gonna keep this :) for souvenir :)

I really don't want to use this, i'm a HP fan you know! haha! 
but I really love this to do list , I always tend to forgot, so it a must for me!

a 1d! OMG i'm a 1D fan too that's why i chose this. And my little siblings love them too! But I'll definitely gonna give this to my younger sister because she loves more 1D than me! haha

the reason i join the giveaway! 

It was a mirror too! great!

Thank you Golden Merchandise :)

Join the Gift 5 - 12 Gifts of Golden and you might win the humongous 1D poster!

Join here!

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