Martes, Nobyembre 22, 2011

My November 2011 Simple Haul :)

Having my review class on SM The Block can't help to treat myself after the whole day review class. I hope I have a work now or maybe sooner to buy all my needs and wants. :p

Etude House Eyebrow Drawing Tool #02
128php at The Block 3rd Floor

My first intention when I bought this is to give it to my lola (grandmother), my lola's last eyebrow pencil is already run out and she haven't bought a new one and I think this is a perfect gift for her. It is a gray in color, looks natural in your brows and only a few light strokes and voi la! I use it on my brows and it blend well, so I will buy again for my lola instead. :p And I'm planning to buy the other shade and maybe the brown one. And this is only a retractable eyebrow pencil, perfect for elderly I think who doesn't want to use sharpeners.

Myra Sun Protect + Free Handy Lotion
75php I think at Landmark

I walk everyday on overpass on SM North Edsa and I think this is the reason why my skin is a little dark compare before I enroll the class in The Block, and my skin is becoming dry, maybe because of 10 hours in the air conditioned area. It is perfect because it has an SPF and it is MYRA :) Oh it has free handy lotion. Who doesn't want a freebie :) 

Tomato 2012 Planner
200 php SM The Block 4th Floor

I 've been eyeing for this planner for weeks I think since its been release this November. It has 4 designs to choose from. And this is my peg from them all. I got a free voucher of 100php  valid until November 30 and I think it will go to waste. :(

Tomato Unisex Watch 
400php at The Block 4th Floor

I don't have watch and I've been caught in a dilemma between the 650 watch where you can change the straps and it has 4 straps to choose from, but they don't  have the whole numbers of the ideal watch and second hand and that is what I've been looking for and what I need so I set aside it >.<. And I also bought one to Louie for my Christmas gift. :) (I shop all year round for presents :p)

Tickles Sticky Notes
100php at Trinoma

This is a 6 inch I think pocket sticky notes yay that is way way organize and cute and perfect for students like me. This is for only 100php where I think is a very good deal because it has a lot of sticky notes and very organize. (I always lost my sticky notes. :p) 

Pocket Flash Light
120 Php at Tickles Trinoma

Faber Castell
2 pieces Pencil + 1 Sharpener 42php I think~
Eraser 12php I think I forgot same goes with the Sharpener

Faber Castell is my most trusted product in terms of School Supplies. I'm having a dilemma on what to use on my Board Examination in this coming December whether the Mongol #2 or this Faber Castell Pencil specially made for machine scantron checker. >.< If you had taken any local board exam please tell me what is the perfect pencil to use >.<
I also bought the Eraser specially made for scantron and this little sharpener because I need a container to hold my pencils trash.

Linggo, Nobyembre 20, 2011

Quirky Giveaways with Quiddity!

ThirstyThought is having a giveaway that was so so so so so so cute!

FYI this is a notebook :) I thought it was just a cute creature :) haha
From all the pictures from ThirstyThought, this one is my favorite.

Isn't it lovely?

Deadline of entries is on the 26th of this month, November 2011
This giveaway is open to Philippines Residents Only
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Sabado, Nobyembre 19, 2011

The Craft Barn 600 followers Giveaway!

Join The Craft Barn 600 Followers Blog Candy Giveaway!
This is such a jaw dropping giveaway that every lovely ladies want to get a grab on.
Isn't it Fantastic?

Deadline of Entries is on the 25th of this month, November 2011
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KatiesHandMade 100 Followers Giveaway!

Join KatiesHandMade 100 Followers giveaway and you could win these nail products:
Union Jack Nail Foils
Zebra Nail Patches
Golden Rose Matte12, 101, 01
Essence Nail Art Magnetic Polishes

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JhenBabbles turns 1

JhenBabbles had reach one year in the blogging world, and now she is very happy to give thanks for all the support and love in her blog.

JhenBabbles together with AiFashion is giving away 1000php worth of accessories of your choice.

This is a very fashionable giveaway so don't ever miss this loves.

Deadline of Entries is on the 27th of this Month-November 2011.
This contest is open to Philippines residents only.
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Linggo, Nobyembre 13, 2011

Balderdashinn's huge Prizes Firsst giveaway!

OMG girls this is such a very good giveaway so enter right away. :)

Deadline of entries is on the 16th of December 2011
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Linggo, Nobyembre 6, 2011


Join Helga's Tan Boots Giveaway now!

Isn't those lovely? :)

Deadline of entries is on the 10th of November 2011.
This giveaway is open to Philippines residents only.
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Sabado, Nobyembre 5, 2011

Over 50 million people in Asia are getting the latest updates from #ChurpChurp! Don't miss out on the fun here!

Over 50 million people in Asia are getting the latest updates from #ChurpChurp! Don't miss out on the fun here!

Kleng's Giveaway! : Decoden

I've known Kleng's Blog through her online shop Prima Lureme Shop, and she sells her personal things their which is pre loved but in very good condition and now her Decoden.

Kleng is giving away this cute Decoden Lens Case plus a Decoden worth of 2000php from her Facebook Shop Page Prima Lureme.

Isn't those so cute? :)
Yay I want to get hold of those it looks so cute and so yummy. haha. :p

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My Pretty Ickle Messed Up World Essex Giveaway!

Come and join Madison Essex Givieaway! :)

Join Madison giveaway and you could win this items:
 Laurens Way tan, 2012 Calendar,  Laurens Way lashes.

Oh, I'm not into the false lashes but I already bought one mine just to try it out and this one can be a very good to add too for my exploration to false lashes.

Deadline of entries is on the 15th of November 2011.
This giveaway is open Internationally.
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Good luck to Us :)

Jimmy Kimmel - Youtube Challenge

You guys should watch this video by the JimmyKimmelLive on Youtube entitled Youtube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy where Jimmy Kimmel challenge parents to post videos where the parents will ask to their children and say to their children that they ate all their Halloween candies.

Oh I love all the expressions especially the last part. What's your favorite? :)

Biyernes, Nobyembre 4, 2011

The Color Club glitters giveaway!

I'm so happy that the blog that I follow is now opening a giveaway that anyone in the world can enter! yay! :)

The lucky winner could take it all the new Color Club scented glitters at Sally's. The one in the above photo. :)

Deadline of entries is on 21st of November 2011.
This giveaway is open internationally.
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Tiffie's Fantabulous Giveaway

Tiffiefum is celebrating her 250+ followers and to share her love to her readers is by opening this giveaway..

The Only One Lucky Winner could win:

Perfect Pair Eye Wand in Ying-Yang
Perfect Pair Lip Wand in Nearly Nude 
Wild Shine Nail Color in Dreamy Poppy

ELF Brightening Eyeliners in Black - Coffee
ELF Brightening Eye Shadows in  Punk Funk - Silver Lining - Nouveau Neutrals

Snake ring 
Scorpion Ring
Peacock Feather Earrings

Dolly Wink Volume Mascara Pink Lashes
The Body Shop  Baked Eye Color in Quartz
iWhite Facial Cream
iWhite Moisturizing Facial Wash

Deadline of entries is on 4th of November 2011
This giveaway is open internationally
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Martes, Nobyembre 1, 2011


As in the quotation says, Its better to give than to receive, Especially if it was your birthday.

This giveaway is perfect for girls and for man who wants to give something to their lady. :)

There would be only one winner for her birthday giveaway.

The winner could win this items:
Eyeshadow and blush palette ( 2 blushes, 12 eyeshadows, dual ended applicator, and mirror)
Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter 
Demeter Fragrance in Honeysuckle
Nivea Express Hydration
Nivea Pure and Natural Spray Deodorant
Nivea Pure and Natural Wipes
Guerlain Terracotta Blush & Sun #03
Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby in #260

3 Simple Steps to join her giveaway:
1. Be a Follower of her Blog.
2. Repost the contest on your blog with the picture of the prizes above, mechanics and a link back to her giveaway post.
3. Comment in her Comment Section your Name, E-mail Address, and a link to your blog post by reposting her giveaway.

Deadline of entries is on the 19th of November 2011
This giveaway is open internationally
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Goodluck to Us!


Are you looking for a perfect gift for your man? Or are you man who is looking for a perfect fragrance that will best suit your personality?

NotYourOrdinaryBeautyQueen together with DavidOff Champion hosted this Fragrance giveaway. Recently Miss NYOBQ can't take off her nose to her man, imagine how sexy will the smell to your man. And I want it to be tried by Louie then, especially November 30 will e our monthsary. Yay!. :)

Isn't the perfume caught your attention just merely looking at the bottle? :)

Deadline of Entries is on 30th of November 2011.
This giveaway is open Local only. (Philippines)
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Good Luck to Us. :)

Lunes, Oktubre 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is the favorite Holiday of most of us, especially the children.
They have waited this for months to wear their cute costumes and attend the Trick or Treating events in the places near our homes.

Yesterday, October 31, as our family every year go to SM Valenzuela and join the Trick or Treat event in the said Mall, we prepare are cute costumes for the event.

My little siblings who always take in part of the event are very excited to go to the SM as they will gather many candies as their reference last year's event.

Here are their Photos for Trick or Treat:

In Smart

In Smart, look how my sister is very happy to have her Candy

At Vice Versa (I think, I forgot >_<) The designs of the stall is very cute


At the HyperMarket, if you have a 500php Buy Me or 500php receipt I think, you will had a chance to join this Dakot all U Candy but the little ones will be able to do this. :)

Take a look at the little boy, how cute he is with his costume.

I adore the cuteness of this child, her crown and her wings wide open.

To sum up everything in the event, we arrived at the Mall 12 noon but the stalls says they don't have candies anymore, its so sad that children are just arriving at that time and when everytime they hear the words "Ubos na." their smiling face turns into sad ones. My siblings basket wasn't full not even into halfway too :( They were expecting as much candies just like last year almost a Bucket size for each of them. :( But even though at least they enjoyed the most of it and joined the same event.

And here are some vain photos of my niece Jeana:

Me with my cute niece she's 3 months old now :)

My cute little ones looking at how many candies they have gathered at KFC  :)

My little sister, with her Pink and Violet Faerie Costume, isn't she cute? :)

My sister costume, thank you for Louie's Tita for letting us borrow her child's costume. :)

Once in a young lifetime one should be allowed to have as much sweetness as one can 

possibly want and hold.

Maii's First Blog Giveaway!

"Come and join Maii's First Blog Giveaway!"
There will be ONE, yes ONLY ONE winner who takes it all.

and here are the items you could win:
Short usamimi ( worn as bracelet ) 
Fur scrunchie 
Red polka dots ribbon hair velcro 
Eyemazing x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu No.501 
Diamond Lash Glamorous Eye 
Angel series brown circle lens 
Malaysian Pocky ! - Strawberry , Chocolate 
Dolly Wink Booklets
Koala March keychain 

Deadline of entries is on 31st of December 2011. 
This giveaway is open Internationally.
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Linggo, Oktubre 30, 2011

Pastel Raindrops Giveaway!

Pastel Raindrops is celebrating her 1000 followers giveaway, 
and these are the the items you could win:
A pair of hand painted sneakers
handmade 2-way bow
A shooting star necklace, rainbow ring and a button
Rilakkuma earphones 
A lip ring, a Mighty Harajuku button from Haru and a Spank button 
Eyemazing Harajuku Doll lashes #501
A brand new pair of circle lenses from Eyecandy Lens 

Deadline of Entries is on the 31st of October 2011
his is open Internationally.
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