Linggo, Enero 27, 2013


Yesterday, January 26 together with my sister and Louie, we went to SM Center Valenzuela to get the prize for the  Pix for my Tweets Promo

Finally its here:

my sister can't wait to buy new shoes :)

it doesn't look she's happy enough, but she is, very :)

I gave all the GC's to my mom to buy some new things to my siblings and for grocery :)

Oh I forgot the name of the lady who assists us in the claiming process, but again Thank you! :)

My sister, pointing here and there! haha! 
She wants all! :))

Gerald Santos was there also for his Album Mall Tour, its free admission :))
We got to seat at the front row but my sister got famished so we need to eat and leave our seats behind :) But at the time we finish eating the place was jampacked :(  We cannot see Gerald anymore and our seats are already taken :(


Again, Thank you SM Center Valenzuela :)

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