Sabado, Oktubre 22, 2011

Collective Haul from Trinoma Cosmetic Sale and other goodies :)

First buy, from Japan Homes a mini tripod which is very flexible and applicable to any camera. Very good deal for 88 php

Second buy, A sharpener. I thought it was what I thought so but it was only until I went home that it is just an ordinary sharpener. I've wasted my 88php :(

Third Buy, Brushes which are very cheap it is located at Landmark. The price range are from 34-200php and it is also 10% off.

the samples are way too different when you apply the polishes on your nails :( 
Just a waste of money.

 2 left finger - lavander, 2 right finger Gray

Fourth buy cheap nail polish. cost only 24 and 34 php but all cosmetic sale are 10% off :)
I don't recommend you to buy this products, the price goes with its quality very POOR. You will waste your money on this. I will give this as a gift so it wouldn't go to waste. :(

Fifth Buy Nail art where it cost 49php I think and it is 10% off also :) I haven't tried this yet but I'm expecting it to be cute on my nails. :)

Sixth Buy - Nail File but I don't want to use this because I have a feeling of nangingilo or something :( The pack consists of 6 nail files where it goes with 3 colors - violet, yellow and pink.

Seventh Buy, Nail brush, my old nail brush is totally worn out so I need to replace it. I didn't know that HBC packaging now is paper and it looks very cheap for me. 

Caress: Christmas Polka
I haven't try this yet but I think the glitters look perfect also for Halloween :) 

Caress: Sparkle Pink
I bought this impulsively. I noticed that I don't have red polish except for my cracking type so I picked this. But the name is definitely different from its actual color, it looks like a bright red color.

Aido Regular LIpstick in No. 6
I've seen this in another blog and I already forgot which exactly. It is a very good buy for a 25php. I will be giving this to my 2 older sister for Christmas. (I shop all year round for my christmas gifts especially during sales. :) )

Natural Looking False Eyelashes
I haven't tried to wear any false eyelashes and I want to experiment with this natural looking one. :)

Giggles Baby Wipes
This is the only wipes I trust and this is very handy and cheap. :)

Stamping Nail Art
I am eyeing on this the first moment I saw this. And yay! finally I bought one for myself. :)

Zen Zest 2 Bottles for only 180
I don't wear perfume everyday because I want the natural smell of my soap :p
But I've seen this and it caught my attention and I want to give Louie a perfume on christmas and yay! I think the smell will suit him. :) And I pick one for me the Desire one which I think it smells sexy. =P

Biya Eyelash Curler
I have Nichido Eyelash Curler which I think cost 65php and above and it doesn't curl my eyelashes :( Yes it is and I think I waste money for it. Then I found Biya which only costs 34.75 almost half the price of the Nichido one which it perfectly curls my eyelashes! yay I wish I saw this long time ago. >_<

Double Eye Paster
This one is not for me I will be giving this as a gift as well to my friend which is a monolid. And I am thinking to buy myself one too to make a perfect french tip. :)

Powder Puff
I bought this because I have a bigger one and I think it is not convenient at all to bring a big powder puffer.

If you have hauls please tell me so, I love seeing blog/vlog hauls. :)

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