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The Hang ten Special Bloggers Event

Most of blogs that I follow posted this First ever Hang Ten's Blogger's Event but I only joined one giveaway invite and that is Nicole's Blog. Luckily I win. :) She notifies that I win through text and twitter:

I have an exam before the event so I don't bother to bring change clothes because bringing big bag at the examination room is strictly prohibited. And yes we have dress codes and only pants are allowed to wear at the examination. My examination is from 8 a.m. till 12:30 p.m. and the event is 2 in the afternoon. Yay, luckily I finish my exam at 12 and go directly to the event, and that day when the clock tick at 1 the rain starts to pour. :( Unlucky me I'm wearing a carpet like shoes sole like (dunno what its called) and all the rain water marks on my wedge :( 
I arrived there at exactly 2 p.m. I guess. Then meeting up with Nicole yay :) I notice her mother first before her because I saw her picture with her Mom in her older posts.

Poor me I only wear my school outfit.

Jacket: Candies gift from Louie
T shirt: Thrifted
Necklace: Landmark
Jeans: Jag
Shoes: at Baclaran Mall 

The host of the event.
I've been staring at her shoes while she's talking I was totally distracted. Ha ha!

Mr. Kyle de Leon

The Irregulars from P.U.P. Interior Design. yay they are Louie's classmates. Congrats on winning the Window Display! :)

To break the ice we play the human bingo, we need to complete the signatures to get a lovely prize from Hang Ten.

Giezelle, Me and Ana before the Styling mannequin game. our number is 13 at first we get the male mannequin but the host tell us that we can change our mannequins if there is an available one, yay luckily there is one beside our mannequin :)

And here is our mannequin. I think we change it a couple of times. yay because the items we get are mismatched. And this is the last look we decided to bring on.

Our Team together with our finished look. :)

Me and Nicole with our mannequin. 

Other Blogger's posing for their mannequin, picture taking while the judges are deliberating. 

After the event we are catered with very palatable dishes. Oh i love the pasta.
And we share the table with Je and her reader. 

The readers. photo from Ms. Melai

And more picture with Nicole after the event, thank you for letting me come with you in the event, I had so much fun. 

Oh, she has very sweet family, that always go with her in the events to support her. :)

The loot bag from Hang Ten's event includes a pink shirt and a Hang Ten cupcake.

Yay Thankyou for Hang Ten for making your first event very differ from other events that not only bloggers are invited :).

Thankyou Nicole :) other photos grab from her.

P.S. Don't forget to vote for Nicole for Super Sale Bazaar!

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