Linggo, Oktubre 16, 2011


Lola (Grand mother) and I was supposed to eat at KFC but it was totally packed so we chose the nearest food chain. And we see this Chic-Boy, I never had a chance to eat there everytime I passed by the Monumento because I’m so annoyed by its very loud sound to gather the attention of the people to go at their food chain which I think its 10000 decibels (I’m being OA :p). But I give it a try instead. 
When we enter there is a lot of pictures and written in the menu so I just chose the package on the leaflet I see beside of the cashier.

 I chose liempo.

And Lola chose the Pork BBQ.

We are number 41. And my order arrived faster than my Lola's BBQ even though she is the one who order first. 

My Lola's BBQ took 15 minutes before it was served even though I had 5 waiters to follow up my order(it is a fast food chain and I think I had the right to be demanding(I saw kasi 4 orders na mas nauna pa kami ay naserve na:( ) so I give my food to Lola instead because she is very hungry. 

At last after 15 minutes! The pork is not very tasty compare to Mang Inasal but it is much longer compare to Mang Inasal's.

They serve also Bottomless Iced Tea for just 25 php only. I was really shock by knowing this because the bottomless in Restaurant Malls rates was like 70php minimum. So I grab it because I'm a fan of Iced Tea specifically Eight O Clock and I think it is Eight O Clock because it has a very similar taste.

The waiters are very kind, they are not snobbish at all even though I was being so demanding at first to get my order served right away.
They have 10 or more waiters I think when I am doing the head count :p
They are the one who will ask you if you want extra rice, or a refill on your Iced Tea.

My order where it took 15 minutes before it was served.

Over all I like it here even though the food wasn't tasty compare to Mang Inasal. I like the bottomless Iced Tea where I think is very very cheap and considerable. The price range is not pricey at all (referring to CB) because it is unlimited rice and the ulam size is big for me.  

I will definitely go back there and try their other comfort foods. 

Caloocan Branch: 669 Ten Commandments Bldg., Rizal Ave Ext., Monumento, Kalookan City
Tel No. 442-9326

Email them at

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