Martes, Nobyembre 13, 2012


I wake up early 2 consecutive days now~
Geez not so me~ 
Well, I have a job interview today in one of well known hospital in Quezon City.

After the interview, me and Fat go to Trinoma to had some lunch and to claim my new product line of Yves Rocher where I got the idea of joining by thankyou :)

i kinda mess up on looking my i.d. for verification because I misplaced it when I get it earlier. >.<
i hope the SA doesn't have a bad mood after that :p

Then we had lunch at tokyo tokyo :)

Then after we ate our lunch we stop by at the event center and Tupperware is celebrating their 46 years, and it is open to the PUBLIC, so why not enter ;p

the real reason of getting in is just the photo booth! haha! filipinos love having their photos right?

but while we are having our photo session we heard the host announcing our name for free coffee treat and you have 5 minutes to claim it!

haha we really want to go right away but the photo session is just so quick so we hold it for a sec.

then we have our free starbucks tall frappe :)

i'm so happy today of how things go, crossing my fingers to passed the interview and wait for the written exam!

as fat always says, "What's meant for you will always fall for you."

Fat did I say it correctly? haha :p


Laters, baby!

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