Martes, Nobyembre 20, 2012

Angela turns 1

There are three birthdays that you should have a feast here in the Philippines.
One when the child turns 1, Second is when she is 7 years old and third the most grandiose is the 18th birthday for females.
its always to be tradition to celebrate those years and I don't know the reason for them, but who needs reasons? its your birthday after all.

So last Sunday we celebrate Angela's first birthday, she is so adorable, very dark hair and skin as light as snow.

See? :) Isn't she cute? those eyes <3

Jollibee has its own partners of photo booth and I'm glad my tita have their awesome photo booth, because the photo booth has its own 2 lighting plus they have your individual shots on their facebook fanpage, which I haven't seen on other Photo Booths, just them specifically. And the way they print their photos are very fast. :) 

My niece first birthday celebrated also in Jollibee so I know their Program, haha and i guess them all right except for the few other games.

So here are my photos in the Photo Booth

with my mom

with my cousin

my younger brother and my mom

my fave shot with my mom

with my cousin, haha 
don't look at the monitor, look at the lens, lol

with my cousin on his camera 
he is like 14 y.o. but we are at the same height >.<

my vain photo :p haha

Always wear your invisible crown.

I think most of children in the Philippines celebrated their first birthday in Jollibee,
maybe because its a very fun place to celebrate and you don't need to think if you would be cleaning the venue afterwards. 
and Jollibee is there, came all the way from Jollitown just for your birthday.

I will never get tired attending birthdays on Jollibee, because its very fun. Child and Adult have time to participates in game, no one will be out of place there.

So if you have a family member who will be celebrating their first birthday, where would you have your party?
Please share it with me, I love to hear them.
till next time!

Photos grabbed from Smiley Photos

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