Huwebes, Nobyembre 1, 2012

Tutuban Virtual Zoo Opening

3D art is where Guhit Visual Arts Group became famous of and they have already invaded almost every university by their talent.

After their big project at Seriland, (which I haven't seen and wish to see n the near future) which is really a promising one here comes Virtual Zoo which is basically 3d art trick that really looks great in person and photos.

Warning this Blog post is Picture heavy.

 The Wild Boar

The Tarsier
so cute!

Petrang Kabayo :p

You can feed a tiger :p

Don't eat me :p

Water Falls :)

Bumble bee was present too :)

Pepsi Pogi :)

This are some of the attractions you can see in the Virtual Zoo, the whole family will definitely have a good time here, plus its very educational for children and they wont be scared to touch those wild animals :)
Free Admission!

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