Linggo, Setyembre 9, 2012

Sweet Tooth Satisfied!

warning picture overload :p

I love buffet, I love affordable deals but at the same time worth it especially FOOD DEALS ;p

After me and my girlfriends go to TCB and have unlimited coffee and cake, I search for another good place to hang out which is preferably desserts.

Then google lead me to Love Desserts.
After I saw the pictures in their facebook fan page which is very palatable and make you drool, I was convinced. I want to go there A.S.A.P. XD

But it takes a few months before I go there.

And i regret I didn't go there as soon as I've known the place.

The deal is 199php unlimited desserts and unlimited drinks.
very good deal, right?

the setup of the desserts, yay! so many to choose from.
from breads, cakes, cassava even palitaw was there so nice. XD

I didn't try this one :(( so sad.

ice cream!!!

The toppings you could put in your ice cream!

The crepe station. 
Ask their friendly crew to make you one :)

I don't know the name of this but it was very delicious.

so many to choose from!

Drinks counter and Halo Halo :)

They have naicha! yay! the red drink is top recommended! I don't know the name but it was very delicious.

The first treat we had :) 

to counter all the sweetness mangga with bagoong! not so sour nor sweet!

The preorder mango crepe XD

I didn't like this one :( The taste of the crepe was like O______O same goes with the chocolate syrup :( and the mango inside taste like the canned ones which i prefer fresh ones :(

ice cream! so delicious.


The ambiance of the place is so nice.
There is constantly music playing :)
The food corner is very organize.
The crew was very accommodating and friendly.
The wide variation of food to choose from.
The lighting of the place is perfect for picture taking (which filipinos are picture addict :p)

The crepe.
The mosquito killer. XD the sound whenever it catches its prey its very loud. There are ones which is very discreet.
I hope they have the thing that you put in the ceiling to eliminate noise >.< Its very distracting to hear the conversation of the other loud costumers besides your table XD
I hope they have more space because there are many costumers coming in mostly are groups which can't be accommodated  anymore because the place is small (sayang lang yung costumers, ganda kasi sa love desserts e kaya dami talaga costumers na dumadayo).
I hope there are other branch to visit from which is accessible coming from North.
I hope they have photo wall :) You know Filipinos are picture addict :)

To conclude it all, I love LOVE DESSERTS as in 10/10.
I would definitely recommend this place to my friends, family or just anyone else! :)
This place is perfect for dating, hangout with friends and relatives, celebrations!

I will go back here again once I have an opportunity :)

Have you tried Love Desserts? Share with me your experience :)

I hope this post convince you :p

God bless!

Have a fruitful Sunday!

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