Miyerkules, Setyembre 5, 2012


(so late, i forgot my password in google, booo me)

Last April 18 On Beauty and Stuff and else held a Firmoo giveaway.
I see lot of bloggers having a Firmoo giveaway during those months and a few up to now.

On their website firmoo.com you can virtually try on their glasses, how amazing was that huh?

So after minutes of contemplating on what glasses, I finally pick my pair.

The package arrive just a week after I won the giveaway, very fast delivery :)
Just perfect timing for Summer!
Summer Shades! <3

I originally thought that the lens where a bit smaller than this one, but I think its still looks good on me  :p

This is how I rock the shades. ;p 

Thank you Firmoo and Thiamere.

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