Miyerkules, Setyembre 5, 2012

The Coffee Beanery Experience!

I love sweets and I love coffee! so finding this deal at The Coffee Beanery west ave just across from SM North Edsa is a big Yey! for me!

They offer Unlimited coffee and Unlimited Cakes, unluckily only a few cakes are to chose from their 12 cakes, i guess only 3 cakes are allowed unless those cakes are consumed, new cakes on the counter will be put in.

I've been in this place before so this is my second time. The first time I got there we feel great. The ambiance is so nice, the crew are so grateful to entertain your needs, they are the one who will go to your table to serve your coffees and cakes.

I go again here together with my review mates/girlfriends because we really do love this place, at first we want to go to Love Desserts but we don't know the exact location of it in Banawe.

This is my favorite from them all i think this is macadamia.

 I think i had 5 slices of cake and 5 cups of coffee arraying from cold coffee which I used to be my favorite.

We had been for hours in here just talking and catching up with each others life. :)

I really love TCB because of their deals but the cold coffee tastes different.

You are the one to go to the counter to get your coffee and drinks :( I think its a bother to stand while you are chatting with your friends.

The crew are all new I miss the old ones which is much more friendly and accommodating. 
The new ones doesn't bother to greet you :( and doesn't even smile at you :( they would give you a gloomed face.

Oh well, i will still be patronizing TCB because I love their cakes how I wish they would offer a lot more cakes because its all sweets, I wish they are nuts, caramel, like that, not all chocolate and icings.
Do you love cakes also? Where did you hang out with your girlfriends.

share it with me friend! :)

Have a great day!

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