Lunes, Setyembre 26, 2011

Very Bad Experience at DQ Market Market BGC

As the title says, Yes, this is my second time to have my order like *Blah*, but the first one is on the other store. As always when you order the cashier ask for your name to be called when your order is finish. So as we are waiting for my DQ Chocolate Almond, my boyfriend told me that the cashier type the wrong name! I don't have a soft voice so I know I clearly say "Jenny". But I don't want to brag about it because its just a name, luckily we found out before we have our order.
Then as I was eating my blizzard, I was surprise by the numerous amount of nuts in the upper portion of the cup, but I didn't mind. But when I was about to eat half of my ice cream, take note just half, I only see a WHITE ICE CREAM :( No nuts, No Chocolate :( I was so disappointed because my icec ream is not well mixed that I didn't enjoy it to the bottom, I always ate my ice cream to its limit but this time I don't mind to throw it away because it was just like eating a plain sundae. 
I want to brag it to the staff but I'm too shy, because they might think that I'm just maarte, but I think all of us want to eat our ice cream until to the last. And we are not paying just 5 php for an ice cream here, its over a hundred.
Oh well, but still DQ would still be my favorite but I would never eat to that stall ever again.

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