Martes, Setyembre 27, 2011

TONY MOLY : Green Tea Mask

I was looking for a cheap but good face mask and one that wouldn't gave me breakouts. So as I was looking at Sm North Edsa Watson's, I see this Tony Moly Green Tea Mask where it is very cheap. Before I buy this product I ask first the Sales Lady if it will give me break outs and she immediately answer no (Oh why did I ask this, of course she will answer no.haha) . So I bought this without hesitant. (It's my first time to use face mask though)

Tony Moly is a sister company of Etude House, I think because it is beside Etude House stall.
Basically at the back is purely korean I didn't understand any of it.

Its very cheap for a face mask where I see other face mask cost 95 php or more.

At the back, you can see the instruction on how to put or whatsoever~ I hope they have their instructions in English though.

I like the cool effect and the tightening feeling in the face, but it give me breakouts :( . I was so disappointed and I wouldn't buy this again. I don't know how to treat my break out now. :(

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