Sabado, Oktubre 6, 2012

Chasing Pavements

I would love to share this 2008 song of Adele's song, which I think is a very good song, this is by far my favorite song of hers next to Turning Tables.

Her songs mostly are sad, depressing, songs from heart breaking moments but straight from the heart :) 

have sense :)

I just stuck in this song and LSS forever :)

The meaning song is:
The song was inspired by an incident Adele had with a former boyfriend of six months. At 6am, after learning he had cheated on her, she went to the bar he was at and punched him in the face. After being thrown out, Adele walked down the street alone and thought to herself, "What is it you're chasing? You're chasing an empty pavement." She sang it into, while recording it, on her mobile phone and arranged the chords when she got home.
source: wikipedia

And while I'm searching, I downloaded a wrong version of Adele's Chasing Pavements, it is a glee cover! 

This is the link of the cover, hope you download it so you would be amaze.

What is your current LSS? 
share with me your fave songs :)


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