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NOTD: CARONIA Carolina Peach

I've been buying 1 nail polish per week and Caronia is most of it. I didn't get to notice that my collection is now growing up so i put them in one container so they are organized. The latest nail polish that I bought from Caronia is Carolina Peach where I fell in love with instantly because I have 4 shades of pink I think from my collection and Peach is such a nice color where any skin color fits well and any outfit you wear would definitely match this nail polish. So my nail polish remover almost run out and my last one that I bought is from Sm Bonus Nail Polish Remover with acetone that I regret that I bought it because where it removes the nail polish my cuticle smells awfully, I just buy that one because my regular nail polish remover from Bobbie the green one, is I think is a very expensive nail polish remover. So when I was at the Watson's I saw this Caronia nail polish remover that I never take a look at it because I was spelled by Bobbie, lols! I bought it because its very cheap costing me only 20+ bucks compared to Bobbie's 40+ or almost 50php already but with the same size, Oh I just bought it because its color Violet which is my fave color. 

It smells good when you remove your nail polish.
Its Cheap.

So I gave it a 4/5. 

Here are the pictures of my latest possession that I think my second fave (which my first is Summer Fling).

Here is the picture (no flash) of CARONIA  Carolina Peach where I think it looks more of orange-ish in picture but its much color to pink-ish shade. 

So I top it with CARONIA: Colorless to make my nail polish last longer for a week. (I change my nail polish every 3 days but I decided to change it every week). 

I dont usually put top coat or any fast drying top coat but sometimes I thought my nail polish is already dried but its not so it get smudged so I also bought this CARONIA: Fast Dry Top Coat. Where it said that your nail polish will be dry in 3 minutes which I think is true but I put a thick layer of polish for me its 5mins its definitely true. Its 44php where I think its a little bit pricey but the result is guaranteed and tested and the packaging is made of glass also maybe its just right.

So here are the complete set of what I've used. I know its all Caronia I think this are definitely good buys and I'm not happy with my Bobbie, La Belle nailpolish because I can still see my cuticle where I made longer which Caronia only satisfies me.

I'm definitely getting more nail polish from Caronia and its nail related products. 

Disclaimer: I'm not being paid nor Caronia gave me these products this are my personally bought items, Im just sharing my very satisfactory experience from their products because they are to die for cheap products. Caronia forever <3

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